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Tintumon Jokes



Tintumon is the new sense among Malaya lees. Tintumon’s theories and study along with his single line quotations are the newest hit dialogues in Kerala. Tintumon is the Little Johnny comparable of Malaya lees. This personality was created and spread like a viral phenomenon through text messages in mobile phones. Later, the status increased to such an extent that leading book makers also published books on Tintumon jokes. A joke is a question, short story, or description of a situation made with the objective of being funny.

These Jokes are naturally for the entertainment of friends and onlookers. The required response is generally laughter; when this does not happen the joke is said to have “fallen flat”. Jokes have been a part of human society since at least 1900 BC. Here are some famous and humorous Tintumon jokes. Tintumon SMS jokes for mobile phones. Read, enjoy and send SMS to your friends about Tintumon. Send Tintumon SMS to your friends and see the smile on their faces Walk as a gift, Talk as a gift, amaze as gift, Make a gift as you can finally you will get a gift called special gift.

Funniest Tintumon Jokes:

Girl: Njan ninte kude
bikeil pokunath ente achan
Boy: Ayyo! Ennit enthayi? Girl: Enthakan..! Businte paisa
thirichu vangi!


One day Sir.Lamsal asked all students to draw a picture of virus.In going, Tintu stands and

Sir: Tintu, did you finish drawing?

Tintu: Yes Sir,I finished drawing.

(He gives drawing copy to Sir.Lamsal)

Sir: Where is drawing?

Tintu: Sir, Look with microscope and you’ll see virus.Sir virus never seen with our naked eyes.


Tintumon- “Position of a husband is just like a
Split AC…!!!

Jintappan –” why?

Tintumon – “No matter how loud he is outdoor,
He is designed to remain silent


Letter By tintumon
Dear BOARD Of Education,
I’m Also BORED Of Education…


We are now ruled by

Amma in South; (Jayalalitha)
Didi in East;(Mamata Banerjee)
Behenji in North; (Mayawati)
Aunty in the Capital;(Sheila Dikshit)
Madam in Center; (Sonia)
Nani on top (the president)
& “Wife” At Home

And yet people say.. It’s a Man’s World!!!!!


Tintumon’s First Interview
Interviewer: “Tell me opposite words.. COOL”
Tintumon: “Hot”
Interviewer: Girl
Tintumon: “Boy”
Int: ” India ”
Tintu: ” Pakistan ”
Int: “Good Keep it up”
Tintumon: “Bad Put it down”
Int: “Stop It”
Tintumon: “Start that”
Int: “Idiot Get Out”
Tintumon: “Clever Come in”
Int: “Oh my God”
Tintumon: “Oh your devil”
Int: “I rejected You”
Tintumon: “You appointed Me”


Teacher: If you are in moon, what will be your weight
a) increase
b) decrease
c) no change
d) can not be predicted…
Tintumon: Decrease
Teacher: why
Tintumon: you will not get good food!


Teacher: rite a sentence ending with hand.
Tintu: My penis in your hand.teacher slapped tintu.
tintu:sorry mam i forgot to put space between pen is


Why are there no elephants in Bollywood?
They can’t run around trees without knocking them down.


The teacher asks tintumon if he knows his numbers.
“Yes,” he says. “My daddy taught me.”
“Can you tell me what comes after three?”
“What comes after six?”
“Very good,” says the teacher. “Your father did a very fine job.
What comes after ten?”
“A jack,” answers tintumon…


Tintumon: I was feeling so sleepy this morning that I tossed a coin to decide whether I should attend class or go back to bed.
Dundumon: So, what did you finally do?
Tintumon: I had to toss 10 times before I could finally go back to bed.


Tintumon: Dad, there is a small PTA meeting at my school tomorrow …..
Dad: Tintu, What do you mean by a small PTA meeting???
Tintumon: It is …. . Just You, me and The Principal!!!


Teacher: What is the formula of water?
Tintumon : H2MgClNaClHNO3CaCO3Ca(OH)2SnTnHgNiHCl(COOH)2

Teacher: What is this?
Tintumon: This is Corporation Water!


3 baby hens crossing road.Aftr
crossng 1 baby
said”We 5 has




Tintumon: Pillerallenne??!
palathum parayum

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