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sending SMS

sending SMS

Jokes are not only fun but they are also relaxing and energizing. Jokes provide great material for teaching expressions, grammar, idioms, and phrasal verbs. Last jokes are delightful at bringing inflection and culture. Sharing laughter after telling a joke to young learners shows we care. Sms jokes means that you can message these jokes to your friends by messaging from your mobile phones.

Sms jokes are many more benefits of being funny. You pains of making everyone laugh is really matters and it are the best way to break the pressure. After the whole day stress and hard work, doing little fun and humour is really great thing to do. Sms jokes really help in making you feel fresh and energetic. So do the thing you love, life comes one, enjoy it. Do what makes you happy and don’t be shy in doing that. Always listen to your heart and make people happy by sending sms jokes given below.

Tremendously Sms Jokes:

3 Boys Ek Girl KO Propose Karne Jate Hain.

1st-main Tumhare Liye Jaan De Sakta Hu
Girl-Ye To Sabhi Kehte Hain.
2nd-main Tumhe Apni Fb Id Ka
Password De Sakta Hu
Girl-Ye to Normal Hi Hai

3rd-main Tumhe Roj Khane Ke Sath
Pyaaj Ki Salad Khila Sakta Hu.
Girl-Awwwwww, Itna Pyaar Karta Ho Mujh Se.

High Of Confidence In Gujarat

Gujarat Me Daru Allow Nai He Fir Bhi
Raste Pe Board Pe Likha Hota He
“Don’t Drink And Drive”

1 Baccha Potty Karne Khule Me Gaya

Waha 1 Pig Baitha Tha

Pig KO Dekhkar Baccha Waha Se
Bina Potty Kiye Jane Laga

PIG Chillaya >
Saadda Haqq
Etthe Rakkhh… ;)

Reporter to Abhishek Bachchan: Do you know how many times Salman & Vivek have dated with Ur wife?
Abhishek: No idea.
Reporter: Get Idea!!!&
Change Ur wife…

A Man Writing In His Diary:
“I Am An Ideal Man.
I Don’t Smoke,
Drink Or Go To Night Clubs.
I Have Always Been Loyal To My Wife
and Don’t Flirt Wid Strange Women.
I Sleep At Eight O’clock N Wake Up Early.
I Exercise Daily N Work Regular Hours
But All This Will Change As Soon As

Boyfriend: Apne ghar walo ko chor diya tere liye,
Sab se rishta tod dya tere lye
Tune aj tak kiya kya h mere lye

Boy 2 god- Hazaro ki kismat tere hath h,
Agar pass karde to kya bat h.
God-Galfrnds thodi kam patata to kya bat thi,
Kitabe to sari tere pass thi.

Santa dialled a phone no.
A computerized female voice said. ‘Apke paas paryapt balance nai hai…’
Santa- Bas janeman tumse baat ho jati hai itna hi kaafi hai :-)

Dad:-Beta btao jaan kaha se NikLti hai?
Son:-Khidki se
Dad:-WO kaise?
Son:-Kal raat ko Didi ek Ladke ko kah rahi thi
Jaan khidki se Nikal jao

Wife: Chalo Na aaj hum bahar chalte hain aur car me drive karungi…



Husband: Iska matlab hum jayenge car me

aur ayenge akhbar me …:

Wife: Bahut pyar sey
“Suniye! Aj meri birthday ha,
Mujhy koi Mehngi C Cheez Ley K Dain Naa Plz”

Husband: Chalo Tm
Tayyar Ho Jao,

“Cheeni Lenay Chaltey Hai”

Jaanu kash aap SMS hotay,
Main aap ko save karti,

Jaan-e-man, kaash tum ring tone hoti,
Main her haftay tumhe change karta.

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Kanna Neee Sumara

Kanna Neee Sumara Love Pannuna 35 Mark  Supera love Pannuna 70 Marks Aana??? Sincere-aa loev Pannunaaa “TasMac” dhanda…

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