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Short Funny Jokes

Short funny jokes mean short in sentence which can be easily understand and remember anytime. We all have lots of problems, but we should always face them with jolly face. Read and share short jokes for fun and laughter with your friends and family members. We have gone through thousands of jokes and selected only the funniest ones which will definitely make you laugh.

Short jokes are something very easy, said or done to hassle laughter or cause laughter, as a joke. It changes the bad mood and makes us laugh directly. we would love to share here some short jokes with you and are sure you all gonna enjoy them. Everybody loves Jokes especially funny short jokes. Short jokes are easy to read, remember and easily can send to your friends by messages. A huge collection of short funny jokes are as follows.

Cute Funny Jokes:

Tawe pe pada popcorn uchalta kyo hai?


Are yaar thik se socho!!

Nahi soch PAYE Thik hai, jawaf chahate ho to

Khud baith ke dekh lo tawae par,

Pata chal jayega


Angry Pagal: Oye mein is duniya KO mita dunga, mita dunga, mita dunga.

Dusra Pagal standing besides said “mein tujhe rubber nahi dunga”.


Sardarji photographer focusing a dead body’s face in a funeral function, suddenly all relatives beat him.


He said: “Smile Please!”


Girl- Today i was cooking chicken, when i added HARA DHANIYA, guess what happened.

Boy- Pata nahi, tum batao

Girl- Chicken starts dancing and singing “HUM PE YE KISNE HARA RANG DAALA… MAAR DAALA-ALLAAHH…


A cop stops a drunken man and asks: Where you going?

He replies: “I’m going to listen the lecture about the harm of the drunkenness and alcoholism.”

Cop says: “At night? And who will give a lecture?”

My wife and mother-in-law ! Replies the drunken man.


Ek aadmi ne ek gawar naukar rakh liya aur usse samjhaya ki kissi ke naam lene se pahle JEE laga diya kare.

Thori der baad naukar bhagta hua aya aur bola…

“Sahebji, sahebji kutte’ji’ ne murgi’ji’ KO pakar liya hai”


I was smoking and a beautiful woman asked: So you smoke?

Me: Gosh, it’s a miracl. It was a piece of chalk and now it’s in flames!!!


There are four animal species a woman needs in her life:

Jaguar in her garage,

Mink in her closer,

Tiger in her bed!

And of course a donkey to pay her bills!


A French fry walks into the bar and says to the bartender “Hay , could I get a beer please”
The bartended looks at him shaking his head and say “No, we don’t serve food here”


A mushroom walks into the bar and says to the bartender “Hay, could I get a beer please”
The bartended looks at him shaking his head and say “No, we don’t serve food here”
The mushroom says “Why not I’m a Fungi!”


Insaan sab se zyada maafi kis ke saamane mangta hai?

Guess… Guess!

Bikhari ke samne —- Maaf karo baba…

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