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Short Jokes

Short Jokes:

Patient: Doctor, I have just 55 short seconds to live..

Doctor: Please wait, I will attend you in a minute..


A man : Main apni wife se divorce lena chahta hu. Voh mere se 6 mahine se boli hi nahi hai.

Lawyer: Daubara soch lo, aisi wife kismat valo ko hi naseeb hoti hai.




Jenny : Robin, do you know who is Superman ?

Robin : “Yes, I know.”

Jenny : “Who?”

Robin : “The one who wears his red underwear over his pant.


School Teacher: What is common between Buddha, Jesus, Mahavir and Guru Nanak Dev Ji?

Student: All of them were born on Indian centre government  holidays.



Customer : “How much is that banana for?”

Salesperson : “$1.00?

Customer : “Can you sell it to me for 60 cents?”

Salesperson : “At that rate, you’ll only get the banana peel!”

Customer : “Okay… I’ll buy the banana for 40 cents, but you can keep the peel!”

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