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Funny Rajnikanth Jokes

Rajnikanth is a well-known actor and a popular Indian personality. He holds a huge fan following because of his stylish gestures, expressions and outstanding dialog. Rajnikanth was declared as one of the most powerful persons in South Asia by Asia week.

Here are enlisted a few latest Rajnikanth jokes.  Rajnikanth jokes are one of the most read and forwarded SMS jokes in India and this has only helped his status grow all over the country. It’s a humorous take on how Rajnikanth makes impossible to possible.

Some Funny Rajnikanth Jokes :

(1) Ek bar Rajnikant ne ek chote kamjor bachche ko blood donate kiya

pata hai aaj us bachche ko sabhi kis name se jante hai?

Anyone guess





The great Khali…

(2) Once Rajnikant,

after chewing the pan
spit on the wall of a building…




Today that building is popularly known as…
The Red Fort…

(3) Teacher: What you want to be in future?

Student: Want to be Police Commissioner by giving IAS exam after MBBS. Then a good lawyer while working in Software Company. and at last Nobel for best actor…!!!
Teacher: Who the hell are you?
Student: ‘Sajnikanth – Son of Rajnikanth’ Mind it!!

(4) Finally the Government got the real reason for increase in onions prices




Rajinikanth had ordered a Pizza with Extra Onions…

(5) Once Rajnikanth went for morning walk…

Suddenly after 2 hours…

Police arrested him… Why…?? . . . . . . Because



Because He reached America without Visa, Passport… . . . . 

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