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Short Hindi Sms

Short Hindi Sms:


Maths teacher to santa: if you had 1000Rs

in your pocket and 1000Rs in the other pocket ,

what would you think ?



Jab aati hai yaad tumhari,

Tab main Gungunatha hoon.

Kahin aansu na aa jaaye,

Isliye muskuraata hoon…


Judge: Why did you beat your husband’s head with a chair?

Wife: Because the table was too heavy for me to lift.


Beggar to a lady: You look like an angel. Kindly give some alms to this blind beggar.

Wife to his husband: Look how he is trying to cheat telling he is blind.

Husband: He sure should be blind.

Wife: How do you say?

Husband: He told that you look like an angel.


Boy: Mammy, why do women wear white dress during the marriage?

Mammy: Because its the happiest and best day in their life.

Boy: Then why do men wear black dress?


Wife: I have a happy news for you. Soon we will be three of us in the house instead of two.

Husband: Wow!

Wife: Yes, my mother is coming to stay with us.

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